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Jean Synodinos
©2003 Fortunate Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


From the opening cut, Synodinos sets the tone for the album with perfect orchestration on “Running With Me.”  Her voice is crisp and true, featuring a forced vibrato which is delivered flawlessly, on-time and tastefully, making it the prominent instrument on the disc.  Synodinos plays her voice masterfully as an instrument, much like Perlman would when drawing his delicate bow, with passion, precision, and an interminable desire to connect with the listener.  In “Gospel According To John,” Synodinos pays tribute to her late father, who is sometimes known to crease the paranormal plane and interfere with her as she performs.  I saw this happen.  Wow.  The 1967 cover “Ode To Billy Joe” appears on the album in true Synodinos style.  You’ll forget that Bobbie Gentry ever did this song.  It’s a rocker…with horns!  Jean’s banter when doing this song live is worth the ticket price at any show.  Catch it!  Her original lyrics are insightful and subjective, having lived through more than any of us would want to.  Quick to tell you she’s a cancer survivor, Synodinos donates a portion of her proceeds to The Austin Breast Cancer Resource Center, and appears on “PEACE FROM THE PORCH, VOL. 1” which was produced to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  While the title cut is indeed not penned for this reviewer, “LUCKY” laments the bittersweet loss of that one guy who “asked for nothing, so I gave him all I had.”  Top notch entertainment in an eleven-cut package, this disc reads like a ‘greatest hits’ collection for Synodinos who continues to churn out lyrically sound material.  She’s a great entertainer and co-producer Charles Rieser helped capture that fact beautifully.  Become the newest Jean Synodinos fan today!

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