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Jeff Posey
2005 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Jeff Posey has surrounded himself with some great company such as fellow MTM members Mike Blakely, Johnny "Gringo" Greenberg, John Arthur Martinez, and Producer of the Year nominee Larry Nye. Now with all that talent and the stellar lineup of pickers that join Posey on his debut "POCKETFUL," it's no wonder that the result is an award-worthy collection on the debut offering. Posey pens all but the co-writes with Greenberg and Blakely, and the writing is solid and Texas as can be. The vocal work is excellent throughout and Posey shares the mic with Walt Wilkins on "The Leavin' In Your Eyes." Masterfully mixed, perfectly produced, and pristinely performed, this disc is a testament to what friends can accomplish when they help each other. Some Country and some Americana, the album is a smooth ride from start to finish. Professional packaging with lyrics that can be seen without your glasses make the insert a full partner in the project. Posey's "My Name Is Peabody" is the perfect prequel to Prine's "Paradise" and the poignant yet hopeful lament "Faith In Fate" is a clever insight into the lives of many who will identify with the song. A highlight of the album is Posey's "Cross The Colorado" which chronicles a worthwhile trip to find true love. The writer's trip is one of some seven hundred miles, which makes it a more meaningful trip than the one just outside of Bastrop, Texas where you can cross the Colorado four times in about ten miles. It's a great song and homage to finding the right girl. As Posey's career blossoms, you'll forever remember his first CD. This is it. Get it now. While you're at it, pick up Posey's sophomore release, MIGHTY RIDER. We heard him perform it live at Mike Blakely's 9th annual Texamericana Fandango, and it is a beauty!!

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