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Jeff Smithart
©2011 Tate Music Group
Review by Lucky Boyd


People throw the term Ďtraditionalí around pretty loosely these days.  In country music, itís not always about the melodies or the lyrics or even the instrumentation that makes it something you can consider traditional.  Often itís just the feel of the performance, and sometimes itís just the vocals.  Jeff Smithartís REDNECK PROUD project isnít trying to land in some throw-back genre.  This release isnít designed to take you down some Hank Williams memory lane.  Instead, Smithartís album is contemporary writing with expected instrumentation, but thereís a huge, wonderful added bonus.  Smithartís voice lends a traditional aspect to the music.  His voice is comfortable to new audiences and nostalgic listeners alike.  I believe this is why this album will be quite successful for Smithart.  Jeff lines the pockets of a song with his velvet voice like wool on a winterís day, creating warm spaces where musical entertainment can reside.  Smithart pens about half the set and covers some great cuts including a country take on SRVís ďPride And Joy.Ē  From the opening title cut, youíll see where Smithart is heading with the album, and itís to a good place; good solid country music with todayís sound and a traditional flair.  If Smithart can support the album with the right tour support, you will soon see him make a great impact on the Texas country music scene.

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