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Jeremy Parsons
©2010 PCG Nashville Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Traditional - adjective; relating to the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.  Today’s exploration is in the area of traditional country music.  If you perform country music and you wish to call it traditional, there must be an element of culture that is evident of being passed down from generation to generation.  Well, how about the pure channeling of the spirit of Hank Williams in Jeremy Parsons’ voice on the opening cut, “The Night Hank Williams Died.”  Or perhaps you might accept the example of “..when stores were closed on Sunday, and food was cooked with lard…” in the track “When My Old Man Was Young.”  Try this one, “…she’s lookin’ for a new pup to play her cruel tricks on…” from the title cut.  Jeremy Parsons has written each track himself, each one steeped in tradition, and with his youth taken into consideration, you have to believe he has been a study of country music from an inordinately young age.  The bonus track reprises the title with a Victrola feel.  Somehow you can hear the record spinning at 78 r.p.m.  You’ll hear Parsons’ spiritual side on several cuts as well.  If you enjoy Hank Williams, Bob Wills, or any of the early Texas sounds, you’ll take quickly to this album and its country, swing, and gospel tones.  Expertly produced and masterfully performed, Parsons has created one of the best themed albums of the year.  Perfectly packaged, including an LP styled disc, this record follows all the rules, making Parsons one of the few who hit a homerun with their debut offering.  Many artists might be poised to be the next big thing in Texas, but Parsons is poised to be the next really big thing in Texas music.

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