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Jerry Martin
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Whenever itís time to build something, usually a good blueprint or a formula is needed.  Songwriters know that songs written within formula have a better shot at becoming hits.  Jerry Martin, however, tends to re-write some of the songwriting formulas and still come up with great songs.  This album is a collection of such tunes.  While the overall songwriting truisms are here, Martin gives you a taste of the unexpected.  One of the elements of the Texas music formula is subject matter.  How deep a songwriter buries himself into a subject can make or break a song.  Martinís writing is capable of leaving enough on the table to give the listener some Ďmental pictureí room, and thatís a characteristic of a great song.  Martin ranges from the tried-and-true drinking songs to the poignant love songs and everywhere in between.  Martinís treatment of the Texas music genre is remarkable as well.  Outstanding performances on well-penned tunes make for the kind of album Martin was shooting for.  Though heís no newcomer, we havenít heard much from Martin in the last few years.  This album is the long-awaited solo project that will certainly define Martinís future.  If Martin can field a band that can reproduce these songs on stage, heís sure to be a Texas music heavy hitter very soon.

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