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Jim Bush
©2003 Independently released

Review by Lucky Boyd


For those of us who miss Townes Van Zandt, let me introduce Jim Bush.  Familiar phrasing and delivery, yes, but there are two distinct and powerful differences that make Jim Bush a troubadour for our times.  First, he leans a little more toward the country and the occasional bluegrass feel, which wasn’t really Townes’ thing, and second, his lyrics, while containing some vagueness, get quite to the point, painting succinct pictures in the mind.  If you’ve read any of my hundreds of reviews, you’ll know that I don’t typically like making these types of comparisons.  However, I think Jim Bush and Townes once shook hands and a bit of each other spilled into the other, edifying and enhancing each.  Bush is not the Van Zandt incarnate, actually far from it, but rather stands on his own as one of the great songwriters of our time.  Bush’s 2003 release LOVE, TIME & DISTANCE contains twelve such offerings, including the soon-to-be classic “Sixes” which tells the story of a dice game gone bad.  Not too many sad songs for Bush, as he is more apt to sing of love, time, and distance….duh.  “Ouachita Rain” is one of the most moving songs I’ve heard from this genre, and “Til I See Marie” might be the best train song-turned-love song ever written.  My advice to all performers out there is to cover a Jim Bush tune.  (Please pay him for it) To music fans of Townes, Blaze, Fromholz, Bell, (Wrecks or Vince) and new fans of JT Van Zandt… here’s your next purchase. 

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