Joel Sprayberry

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Caffeine & Gasoline
(2007) CD

Song Clips
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You Don't Say Listen
Time After Time Listen
Peter Pan Listen
Kites At Night Listen
Isn't It About Time Listen
I Don't Mind Loop Listen
Happy Go Lucky Listen
I Can See Clearly Now Listen
Without My Wings Listen
Under Cover Listen
Why, Why, Why? Listen
Horrible Listen
What Am I Gonna Do With Me? Listen
Save Me From Myself Listen
Take Me Away From Here Loop Listen
Everybody Needs
A Tuba
(2004) CD

Song Clips
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Hide Myself in You Listen
All Things I Ponder Listen
Back To You Listen
What Am I Gonna Do With Me? Listen
Get Movin' Listen
Into The Air Listen
Tied Hands Listen
Stirring Inside You Listen
Isn't It About Time? Listen
Farmer's Tan Listen
My God Listen
Acoustic Chaos Listen
Mirrors Listen
Bend My Knees Listen
A Perfect Day Listen
We're Gonna Paint Again Listen
(2002) CD

Song Clips
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Happy Go Lucky Listen
Just Long Enough Listen
I'm Setting Sail Listen
Dreaming About You Listen
Giving You To Me Listen
The Tree Listen
Crumble In Listen
A Hundred Dollars Listen
Quietly And Silently Listen
You Know Who Listen
If I Decide Listen
Humming My Sweet Lullaby Listen
Made Me Ready Listen
Third Time's A Charm Listen

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my Town:    Dallas, Texas
my Genre:       Alt-Rock     "Acoustic Progressive Psychedelic Folk Rockabilly"    
my Website:    Click here
my Fans will also like:      Arthur Yoria      Dana Cooper     Rodger Wilko     Robert Frith      

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