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JW Weir
©2002 Independently Released

Review by Lucky Boyd

J.W. Weir has released a home-grown slimline CDR packed with thirteen nothing-but-fun tunes designed to give you perma-grin.  “BLUEWATER HIGHWAY” is the disc, and you’ll enjoy Texas sized entertainment with a Jimmy Buffett influence, but this is not canned island funk.  The songs are well written, and the disc is a comfortable listen.  “Dream-A-Thon” showcases Mike Sumler on keys, and features Carolyn Wonderland chiming in the background vocals.  Perhaps the most Buffett-esque tunes are “Tequila Party Time” and “The Carnival Of Love” but the bulk of the disc is a Texas slanted coastal party in a box.  “Beer Monster” is more of a honky-tonk anthem, and there are a couple of heartfelt ballads.  Weir pens all thirteen cuts, but arguably the best is “Trophy Man” as J.W. uses the multi-sided metaphor to send a deeper message that sometimes life imitates fishing.  It almost cries out for the unwritten verse about a bar-hopping womanizer on the prowl.  This 2002 home-burn probably won’t collect a Grammy for production, but the songs are solid, and the disc sounds good, avoiding many of the typical debut pitfalls.  If you’re a fan of well-written coastal songs, this is a good purchase.  I kept it in my player for an extra day, and that’s rare.  Get your copy today!

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