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JW Weir
©2010 Independently Released

Review by Lucky Boyd

It has been a long time since JW Weir’s debut offering was re-released with additional tracks, and even longer since its original street date.  I enjoy playing the comparison game with sophomore releases, but they’re usually closer together than eight years.  So, for Weir’s 2010 release, we’ll just pretend it’s sort of a ‘next debut’ album.  And that’s okay until you hear the disc.  Then you’ll know that JW Weir is the same fun-loving, tropical adventure-taking, life-experiencing guy he has always been.  You’ll hear some production differences on this release and the packaging and disc have been upgraded.  You’ll also notice that Weir has more experience to bring to the table.  I enjoyed the songwriting on this disc even more than his previous work.  His arrangements are more in sync with the mood of the lyrics and this is a much more artistic project.  Weir has a good shot at some Parrothead airplay with a few of the tunes on this album and there are a couple of songs that may have invoked future well-known battle cries, like “Beer-N-Cognito” and “Passed Out On The Beach.”  I would love to be on stage performing “Fishin Time” with JW sometime.  It’s one of those great live songs that make crowds crazy.  I listened to “Front Porch Peppers” three times and I still have no idea what the song is really about.  I kept listening for some double meaning or some cryptic message.  Then I realized it didn’t have to be about anything, it’s just a fun song.  Weir has assembled some great pickers for this album and it’s his best work to date.  “Halfbaked” might just become an anthem for beach-going drinkers everywhere when their ‘noodles get cookin.’  One of my faves.  The most 'Buffett' song is "Landlocked Sailor" and it's a good one.  The title cut mentions Galveston Bay, so it gets my vote for the album’s best song.  I still haven’t decided if they’re going fishing in John’s boat because John is a friend, or if they got drunk and just took John’s Boat.  Either way, it’s time to fish.  Take this disc with you when you go.

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