Kelly McGuire

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King Of The Island
(2011) CD

Clips from King Of The Island
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Long Time No Sea Listen
Just A Wannabe Listen
King Of The Island Listen
Friends Listen
Green On The Right Listen
I'm Not Over You Listen
Rich Man Listen
Woman Behind The Wheel Listen
Nautical Man Listen
Sleeping Like An Angel Listen
Daddys And Daughters Listen
Front Row Ticket...
Kelly McGuire "Live"
(2008) CD

Recorded LIVE at Poor David's Pub in Dallas

Clips from Front Row Ticket
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Turn Around And Run Listen
Redfish Island Listen
Nautical Man Listen
I'm Not Over You Listen
Where Did Redfish Go? Listen
Searchin' Listen
Blame It On Buffett Listen
Sailing Across The Gulf On My Own Listen
That First Guitar Listen
Major Doubts About Waterspouts Listen
Solitude Listen

Boat In Belize
(2007) CD

Clips from Boat In Belize
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Life's A Mystery Listen
Ambergris Caye Listen
Idonwannabe Listen
Island State Of Mind Listen
Boat In Belize Listen
Solitude Listen
Tropical Vacation Listen
The Great Bicycle Disaster Listen
Sailing Away From The Madness Listen
Blame It On Buffett Listen
Searchin' Listen
BONUS! Merry Christmas Island Style Listen
Redfish Island
(2001) CD
Song List
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Some Clips from Redfish Island

"Where Did Redfish Go"
"Major Doubts About Waterspouts"
"Girls Of The Island"

Club Blonde
(2002) CD
Song List

Some Clips from Club Blonde

"It's Friday Night"
"Wasted On The Young" (w/ Wayne Toups)
"That First Guitar"
"Full Moon In Texas"

Kelly also appears on the compilation CD

(2008) CD


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Kelly also appears on the compilation CD
(2006) CD
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More about this artist

my Hometown:  Houston, Texas
my Genres:  Alt-Country    Caribbean  
my Website:  Click here
my Previous Reviews: 2 Reviews      Read Em!   
my Fans will also like:  J.D. Richards     Brian Burns
my MTM Involvement:   Performed at Jinelle Boyd Benefit in New Braunfels, TX, Performed at 2004 MTM Music Awards, 2004 MTM Entertainer of the Year Nominee!!  Other accolades appear below...


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