“Soldier’s Wife”
©2012 Lou Ann Petty
Lou Ann Petty
Review by Lucky Boyd
Co-Founder, MyTexasMusic.com


Patriotic songs always get a little more attention than they deserve simply because the opportunity for emotional evocation is present.  There’s always the possibility that someone will die or that someone will have a tearful reunion causing the listener to be transformed to a magical place of empathy in which another listen to the track is always in order.  The general public is quick to dote on such poignant projects with little regard as to whether they are actually listening to a well written recording.  After all, an emotional connection with the listener is the holy grail of songwriting and an essential element if one is to expect sustaining royalty payments for any length of time.  It seems whenever the country is in military conflict, these songs come forth in droves, almost diluting their effect, and thus, music critics tend to start eye-rolling at the mere suggestion of another ‘tribute to our armed services.’  On occasion, however, a songwriter steps out of the mire and touches on an even more personal element of the ‘proud defender’ phenomenon.  That is exactly what Lou Ann Petty has done.  Of course, the men and women in uniform are to be exalted in song, and forever shall be, but what of those who keep the home fires burning?  What of the wives? (and of course, husbands)  Lou Ann Petty’s “Soldier’s Wife” is wrapped in a mid-tempo bluegrass format which lends itself neither to folly nor melancholy, rather stays the course of solid, well arranged music so the lyrics can make the emotional connection.  This song doesn’t pull at your heart strings over the brave and the dead, but rather empowers the listener with the strength which must be possessed by all who lend their spouses to the defense of a nation.  The track features a woman enveloped with pride, never playing the victim, but standing ready to defend and protect that which must remain steadfast during the tour of duty.  It is a reminder that, while the brave go and protect, the strong stay behind and maintain, for those brave souls deserve to return to a balance of harmony and love at a level no less prevalent than when they kissed their beloved good-bye.  Kudos to Lou Ann Petty for standing up for those who stand in while their loved ones stand out.