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Take A Chance

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Song Clips

Take Me To The Country Listen
Last 48 Hours Listen
Double Cross Shuffle Listen
Just For Now Listen
Take A Chance Listen
Luscious Kiss Listen
Ever Since I Metcha Listen
Marfa Lights Listen
Lonesome Railroad Listen
It's All Right Listen
At Last Listen
Water Under The Bridge

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Song Clips

Lovin' You Listen
Reason To Stay Listen
Comes Love Listen
Why Does He Go To The Sea? Listen
Wishy Washy Blues Listen
Farmer On The Highway Listen
Sunnie Rehm Listen
Keep It In The Family Listen
Fair Weather Clouds Listen
You Must Be An Angel Listen
Water Under The Bridge Listen
Hold A Space For Love Listen
This Time Around It
(2009) CD
Check out this project from Marilisa's Trio
Trio Del Rio

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