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Mark Gillick
©2011 Texas Radio Records
Review by Lucky Boyd



The long-awaited full release from Mark Gillick is finally here.  This Texas folk songster offers a collection of life-inspired ballads that will take you from love to travel, from remembrance to rejuvenation.  Gillick’s homegrown style calls forth a comfort for the listener and prompts visions of places and scenes all too familiar.  The haunting Peter Yarrow influences allow the listener to embrace each song like an old friend, especially on “Slow Country Waltz.” Gillick employs the services of two fellow MTM members in Mike Darnell and T.C. Smythe on the project, as well as the talents of a host of other adept pickers as he assembles this fitting aggregation of well-formed tunes.  The album is an artistic archive for Gillick, chronicling his variations of the genre.  The bonus track is somewhat of a departure from the theme of the album, but then most bonus tracks do that.  This one is a treasure, an up-tempo anthem to “My Grandfather’s Hat.”  Lyrically sound, Gillick’s writing is solid and the orchestration is suited to his gentle style.  If you get the chance to catch a Mark Gillick performance, you shall certainly be enchanted with these songs, and this disc allows you to keep in touch with your favorites between shows.  While lacking the ‘slick’ production that might make the disc more commercially viable, Gillick’s project is indeed a good one, and it won’t take long for you to pick out your favorite song and sing along.

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