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Mark Searcy
©2006 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

$12.49 (CD)


Some people like the blues.  Some donít.  Even within the category of blues-lovers there is division.  Some like the swampy Delta blues and some like the rock-influenced blues of, letís say, Stevie Ray.  Hardcore blues lovers understand the beginning and roots of traditional blues music and therefore have an affinity for artists like Kirby Kelley, KebíMoí, Lightniní Hopkins, and T-Bone Walker.  Itís that tinny acoustic rhythmic chant, often played on slide guitar or resonator that binds true blues fans in a fundamental grass roots passion for all things bluesy.  Meet Mark Searcy.  Talent will not get you to the plane on which Mark Searcy exists.  It requires being touched by something from beyond our comprehension.  Performers like Searcy do not simply play their instruments, but rather become their instruments during a performance.  Call it soul, call it a gift, or a midnight trade at a lonely cross road, no matter.  Searcy has it.  Hear this album and youíll be amazed that Searcy is a relative rookie on the music scene.  Already an award-winning performer, Searcy stands to turn more than just a few heads in the near future.  Goodness, just think where heíll be in ten years.  Acoustic blues may be a narrow niche by popular standards, but Searcy is climbing his way to the top of the heap, twelve bars at a time.

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