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Mark Searcy
©2007 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

$13.99 (CD)


If you expect Searcy’s sophomore release to be a simple continuation of his debut release, forget about it.  It ain’t so.  While you’ll still hear Searcy remaining true to his traditional blues roots on some songs, you’ll also see him take Neil Armstrong-like steps into cross-genre collaboration.  This album employs the services of some great company as Searcy surrounds his inventions with certain styles that take little time to appreciate.  Searcy’s vocal work is bluesy and complimentary to the arrangements rather than the typical distraction expected from many guitarists who think they can sing.  Searcy gets it done.  It’s not unusual to see an artist double back after a stunning debut with a more artistic effort.  Searcy has done that.  Nine of ten are originals, with the lone cover being well worth the purchase.  Niche blues fans may not groove the diversity on the first listen, but a second play reveals Searcy’s commitment to the genre, using innovative techniques to express feeling much like shadows and highlights enhance visual works.  As up-and-comers try to emulate Searcy, they will find the technical end demanding, as Searcy is an accomplished composer with the ability to fuse jazz, rock, blues, folk, and country.  They will certainly find that capturing the same inner soul will be impossible, as Searcy literally melts himself into each cut, a feat that labels him inimitable.  A great second effort, Searcy has taken one small step for himself and one giant leap for the blues.  This reviewer’s fave is “Telluride Blues.”  Get your copy today!

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