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Miles Tindle
“My Sweet Little Daisy” The Single
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


So a guy spends his life helping people, making friends, and earning an honest living.  Then he retires and begins to follow his life-long passion.  He’s always been good at telling funny and interesting stories, but never really gave songwriting a second thought, until now.  Miles Tindle, retired from his day gig, is now trying his hand at songwriting.  He has taken one of his stories and put it to song.  You can tell from the lyrics that Tindle didn’t just make this up.  Rather, this is a story lived out in and around his life and it’s one he felt needed to be told in song.  With only one song to his credit, currently Tindle is not what you would consider as the ‘next big thing,’ but if this one tune is any indication, Miles Tindle has overcome the inertia and might very well be headed for a successful songwriting career.  My advice to Tindle is some I’ve given freely over the years, and it has produced results.  If you’re a songwriter, write songs every day.  If you’re a singer, sing every day.  If you’re a musician, play every day.  This is how you develop your talent.  I think Miles, with the extra time on his hands now, will soon be a name you know.  He has surrounded himself with some giants in the biz, and if he will learn the ropes quickly, he can be a mainstay with respect to the Texas music industry.  For his first time out, Tindle has stepped to the plate and smashed a triple.  He’s just a sac fly or a hit away from pay dirt.  (Maybe the baseball metaphor will inspire Tindle’s next song.)  Great job, Miles!

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