Movin Target
©2008 Texas FanFair
Review by Lucky Boyd

Hundreds of musicians ask for advice each year.  Often, they ask us about cover art.  We usually tell them the cover art must answer the question, “what kind of music is this?”  That’s often very good advice.  In the case of Movin Target, our advice was not sought, and yet, the band got the message from somewhere.  What kind of music is this?  Well, it’s UNPEGGED.  The cover art says it all, making it clear that you won’t be able to ‘peg’ this musical genre.  Only a few bands have been able to pull this off.  I’ll suggest a few on this artist’s page, but for now, just know that crossing genre lines in this manner is rarely done this well.  Sure, a lot of artists will release an album that has a song each from country, blues, rock, Americana, and folk, but still the songs will probably all sound similar.  Not so in this disc.  Movin Target’s musical style is as their moniker suggests, but every song is comfortable and remains tasteful to the listener regardless of their genre preference.  One of the secrets is that there are four different lead singers in the band, each bringing a unique style and range to the project.  Additionally, while Jim Wyly is the primary writer, all the band members have a hand in the writing, making diversity inevitable.  But hold on, because Movin Target has accomplished one other feat.  They’ve developed a feel and an instrumentation style that links each one of these diverse tracks by way of a distinct, discernable sound.  Once you learn what Movin Target sounds like, chances are you’ll be able to recognize them the next time you hear them.  This is one of the top attributes required for extended success in this industry.  The band has found a formula that just might work for them for a long, long time.  The songs are influenced by rock, country, bluegrass, pop, and folk, but not a single song from the album could easily be defined be these constraints.  The band’s performances are solid, and while the production is lacking any big label slickness, there are a few technical gems on the disc.  The band went for a listenable project, choc full of the energy and passion they exude on stage.  With Mike Morgan and Mike Sandberg’s help, they ‘pegged’ it, if you will.  I would more likely say that with respect to a project that is going to sell a lot of discs, they stepped to the plate and hit a home run.  If you have a favorite sound, you’ll hear it somewhere on this album.  I almost thought I heard Kevin Cronin singing on track nine and there was a hint of Tony Scalzo on track ten.  Highly entertaining, this is a great first offering from this Central Texas septet.  Wyly, Morgan, and Sandberg share producer credits on the disc and do a great job of capturing the true spirit of this… well…Movin Target.