Myrna Sanders

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Big Head Diva

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Life's Too Short
God's Child
Fly Away
Stand Down
Tryin' To Be My Man
Things Have Changed
Do You Really Want Me?
Sweet Life
Let You Go
So Damned Cool
Face To Face
Riches To Rags

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Good Thang
I Never Thought
Cut The Ties
My Situation
Whatever It Takes
My Love Sleeps To Hide (The Pain)
Nice Girl
Can't Put Out The Flame
Slight Of Hand
Ain't Coming Back
Fallen Angel
No Love Lost
Just A Taste...
The demo before the CD,
recorded live at Earthwire


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My Situation [Entire song]
Slight Of Hand [Entire song]
Nice Girl [Entire song]

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my Town:  Houston, Texas
my Genre:  Easy Listening/Pop   Folk
my Website:  Click here
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2004 Mardi Gras

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