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New Jack Hippies

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Guy Schwartz and The New Jack Hippies- 
Homegrown Collective
There he goes again!  Since Guy wrote "The Missing Weed" in January 2002, Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies have found it to be their most requested song at live shows.  So, Guy decided to do a whole CD full of pot songs!  Here they are!  Thirteen new original songs about marijuana.  There are ten new original songs produced and written or co-written by Schwartz (3 performed by friends), and three more written and recorded by his friends!  "HOMEGROWN COLLECTIVE's" featured artists include Mark Zeus, Dubtex Soundsystem, The Wandering Poets, Heath Spencer Philip, Bluesguy, Soundpatrol, Dopie Hendrix, and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies. (NJH016)
Kool B, Opie Hendrix & Bluesguy Schwartz
The Sun's Gonna Rise Before I Get To Texas   
Buy It! for $9.99
(Spoken Word and Music)

Kool B, Opie Hendrix & Guy Schwartz ran into each other at KPFT-FM (kpft.org) at 2am on February 25th, 2002, while visiting Pat & Rosie Leech during Pat & Rosie's Nightsounds. Pat Leech invited all three to create something spontaneous and new, live on the radio.

Kool B performs set poetry pieces and improv poetry & prose. Opie plays an acoustic guitar thru an amp with electronic effects.
 Bluesguy plays an acoustic guitar. 
Glo & Guy - Live In Texas     Buy It! for $9.99

Just home from a 5 month US tour, The New Jack Hippies play at Lance's Turtle Club in Seabrook, Texas, with some additional friends onstage and in attendance! It was a night full of fresh ideas, spontaneity and unrehearsed new songs. (2002)   (NJH001)

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
Bluesguy's Birthday Jam   
Buy It! for $11.99

They had come to pay tribute to a Texas legend on his 50th birthday. It was quite a concert! Gloria Edwards, the soul queen of Texas sang one of Guy's songs. Calvin Owens, who was B.B. King's band leader for 30 years, couldn't wait to blow trumpet on one of Guy's 14 chord blues ballads, and was introduced so spontaneously that the local radio jock couldn't get to the stage in time for a proper introduction. E.P. Vallejo, Kool B, Jimmy Deen.... They were all there - rockers, rappers, bluesmen, folkies and every type of musician, entertainer and songwriter one could imagine. Guy Schwartz had worked with them all, and anyone could tell that he was enjoying the party!

Recorded live at earthwire.net with special guests Calvin Owens, Gloria Edwards, Sandy Hickey, Jimmy Deen, E.P. Vallejo, Kool B, Rick Lee, Kingfish Keith, JABBER, Nelson Mills III, more...  
Bluesguy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
blue jack hippies    
Buy It! for $11.99

First all-blues CD by this Texas singer/songwriter who performs with a blues-rock country funk jam band instead of the usual singer/songwriter stuff. Instrumentation ranges from Guy doing all instruments and programming at his home studio to the New Jack Hippies big band in the big room at various Texas studios. (2001) (NJH42929)

Guy Schwartz - Emotional Inconvenience
(The Return Of The New Jack Hippies)
Buy It! for $11.99

First solo album in 20 years by Guy Schwartz, with songwriting partner/bassist Roger Tausz and the core group of musicians who were soon to become Texas' Premiere Blues Rock Hippie Jam Band. (2000) (NJH43322)
Heath Spencer Philip
Old Brown Eyes Has Left The Building (2001)
Buy It! for $11.99

"Counting Jackie Wilson, Frank Sinatra and Elvis amongst his major influences... (Heath is) a uniquely dynamic, high-energy entertainer, with a big voice and an equally large vocal range! Heath sings a variety of styles and songs not often performed by someone his age... And, PERFORM he does!" -Guillermo Slazo, Music News - Hear Heath, unadulterated in an intimate studio, singing live with three or eight musicians, to a two-track machine with few or no overdubs. Bonus live cuts included, too!
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
Here For The Music - Live 8.30.00
Buy It! for $9.99

 Recorded live at the world-famous Fitzgerald's in Houston, Texas, this live set features the band on a night when the crowd stayed home.  Featuring vaocal performances by Jerald Gray, Heath Spencer Philip and Guy Schwartz, the band (including Roger Tausz, Teri Green, Chaz Nadege and John Chupin) was cooking that night!  
Heath Spencer Philip - Live On The Radio (2001)
Buy It! for $9.99

 Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies present Heath on Pat & Rosie's NightSounds on KPFT 90.1FM in a live radio concert format. Hear Heath, Guy, Roger, Chaz & John jammin' out at midnight 'til 3am! Guy sings a couple, and there's even a new song by Chaz Nadege, but it's mostly Heath, who sings seven songs (when he isn't chasing Pam Jam!). (NJH009)

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
Live at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Buy It! for $9.99

Recorded 9/24/99 in Houston, Texas, USA - According to Guy, this was "the first time we ever had the convergence of all three of the necessary ingredients... We brought a recorder, we played really well, and the live board mix was good enough. There were a few unexpected jams, and some songs that none of us had planned to do. It was a great night!"  (NJH002)

Buy It! for $9.99

Psychedelic instrumental groove sounds!  Roger Tausz has too much spare time on his hands, and he often fills it with the writing and recording of these "bass ditties". Some are destined to become songs, while others remain intact as instrumental gems ranging from ambient to funk to jazz.  Bass players will love this CD for the amazingly layered, multi-tracked basses which make up the majority of the sound. The rest of us just groove to the sounds! 
Guy Schwartz - Rock Side/Rhythm Side (1976)
Buy It! for $9.99

First time on CD! His first album as a solo, with music from all over the spectrum. Recorded from 1976-1978, this album features over 30 musicians (including Tony Braunagel, Jimmy Don Smith, Rabbit, Levon Louis, Teresa James, Billy Block, Tim Munson, Jon Bradford and Steve Hunter) and eight recording studios. Featuring longtime partner Roger Tausz as co-writer and bassist on some tunes, it's easy to hear the roots of The New Jack Hippies on this one!  (NJH005)

The New Jack Hippies - Singing With The Beast
Buy It! for $9.99

Live recordings of The New Jack Hippies, featuring different performers who have been featured at various Hippies shows! Each song is sung by a different band member or special guest!  Features Diunna Greenleaf, Leslie Newman, Chip Arnold, Albert Storo, Heath Spencer Philip, Leonard LowDown Brown, Andy 'Too Hard For Texas' Williams and more...(NJH006)

The New Jack Hippies - Singing With The Beast Vol. 2
Buy It! for $9.99

Live recordings of The New Jack Hippies, featuring different performers who have been featured at various Hippies shows! Each song is sung by a different band member or special guest!  Features Gloria Edwards, Wrecks Bell, Zeeder Hogg, Sandy Hickey, Suzanne Prats, Chaz Nadege and more... (NJH007)

USC (1998)
Buy It! for $9.99

Power, fusion and funk guide this Texas electric jazz trio.  Guitarist Matt Underwood is a sleeping monster who's been compared with John Scofield and Eric Johnson. Together with Texas' ace recording/gigging rhythm section of drummer John Chupin and bassist Guy Schwartz, this debut CD holds the promise for a musical future!  (NJH010)

Heath Spencer Philip - 288 South (2000)
Buy It! for $9.99

"After the shows, I like to sit back with a guitar in one hand and a beer in the other. I sing the songs I grew up with", says Heath, "and Guy decided we should record a CD that way, just me and a guitar or piano, alone and intimate. This is one for the ladies to listen to late at night when they're thinking about ME!"  (NJH012)

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies - Electric Live Radio!
Buy It! for $9.99

Recorded live on Pat & Rosie's NightSounds on KPFT 90.1FM, Guy, Roger, Matt, John & Heath do some of the electric, eclectic stuff!

Strange things happen in the middle of the night, and that night was no exception! (NJH013)
Guy Schwartz - Lessons of the Past
Buy It! for $9.99

Here's a CD full of Guy Schwartz' best work from 1975-1995, most of which has never before been released on CD. When Schwartz resumed his recording career in 1995, this was the first thing he wanted to do, so that his young daughter's friends would understand that he made music 'for real'. His old 12" vinyl records had not impressed these kids at all, since all of their favorite music came on CDs. (NJH014)

Jerald Gray - Jammin' (1998)
Buy It! for $9.99

One of the great 'Texas Tenors', Jerald performs live here, at the jam with some of Houston, Texas' finest blues players, and onstage with The New Jack Hippies. Jerald's been the lead tenor saxman for Aretha, BB King, Ike & Tina, Ray Charles, Freddy King, The New Jack Hippies, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, and many others. Now Jerald Gray steps out front with his own sound. (NJH015)

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
Live Radio, Folks!
Buy It! for $9.99

Recorded live on Pat & Rosie's NightSounds on KPFT 90.1FM, Guy, Roger, & Jerald do some of the acoustic stuff!  It's a mellow treat that all Hippies fans will want to have in their collection!  (NJH008)

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