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Nick Verzosa
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

I’m never sure if an EP is going to be enough to let me get a good read on the artist.  Fewer than six songs might not give me a true sampling of what the artist can provide, and thus, I might be listening to a fluke, rather than the true essence of what the artist can produce.  Not so with Nick Verzosa’s EP.  Each of the five cuts are a complete painting of Verzosa’s talent, from his immense duty as a songwriter to his massive vocal aptitude.  Nick pens four of the five and co-writes the opener, which sets a seriously Texan tone for the project.  Well-produced, and performed with a host of adept pickers like John M. Greenburg (MyTexasMusic member), this disc lays the ground work for Nick Verzosa, the next big thing in Texas music.  Embarking on a solo career with massive promise, Verzosa has a captivating voice and style, edgy and with a bit of rasp, and each track is a passionate performance that believes it is the only song of the album.  Nick’s use of Courtney Stefan on harmonies and a lead vocal performance on “When It’s All Said And Done” was a masterful choice.  It’s as if a perfect table setting in all its elegance needed just the right center piece to make it complete.  Stefan’s performance provides a single red rose on the candle-lit setting, giving Verzosa’s release class and the promise that we won’t see yet another talented young performer forgetting to use the very assets at their disposal.  You’ll have to do a little research to understand the title.  Try learning about Johns Guns and it will make more sense.  Any tower that intends to stand for ages must be built on a strong foundation.  Nick Verzosa has released a concrete base for his career; square, level, plumb, and smoking!

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