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Paul Nunn
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Iíve always remarked that a person is the sum total of the books they read and the people they associate with.  Now, I canít assume to know all about Paul Nunnís reading habits, but I do know he associates with a stellar list of folks who have helped him reach an outstanding level in his music career.  Debut albums are always a coin toss.  You never know if the artist is going to be surrounded by the right people who can extract the most creative process from the artist.  In Paul Nunnís case, he knew enough to seek out MyTexasMusic Industry Members SG Studios and the able talent of producer Greg White.  Aside from a masterful list of pickers on the album, Nunn is an adept songwriter, penning seven of the bakerís dozen, co-writing one, and using songs from expert writer Albert Maylen for the rest.  Then Nunn returns to a MyTexasMusic Industry member in Dorothea Ivey of Cabin Creek Promotions to push the singles.  His first release, ďWings,Ē made a respectable appearance on the charts, and as of this writing, ďDead And GoneĒ seeks to surpass the successful debut single.  All of this can be attributed to Nunnís entourage, including Executive Producer Dan Meeker, but none of it would be possible without his incredible talent as a performer.  Nunnís voice is Texas country at its best, his range is remarkable, his dynamics are those of a seasoned performer, and his performances on the album are hit worthy.  With a troop of talented band mates, expect Paul Nunn to criss-cross Texas in a whirlwind of outstanding shows, garnering new fans with every stop.  I like the prospect of Nunn staying busy, because Texas music fans deserve it, but I do hope he has time to read a good book.

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