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Penny Ney
©2012 Independently released

Review by Lucky Boyd


Penny Ney releases this five-cut EP with hopes that you will come to know her music.  And it is something you should do if you enjoy traditional Texas writing and performing.  Songs of love, loss, and dancehalls are the order of the day.  Ney pens the lot with a single co-write on the project’s best track, “Saturday Night.”  A stellar cast of pickers are assembled for this offering, so it’s no wonder that you will have a musical fun time with every song.  The writing is solid throughout and each performance is full of passion and drive, giving it all the elements of a good Texas recording.  Penny Ney’s delivery is comfortable and crisp with a nostalgic flair that keeps her from getting lost in the fray of today’s up-and-comers.  Distinctive and powerful, Ney will certainly be a dancehall favorite as she offers tour support for this and future discs.  I would like to see her paired up with a couple of powerhouse songwriters who could get her ready for mainstream radio.  With a couple of hit makers writing for her, she could get recognition for her own insightful songs and be a major presence on the Texas music scene.  Outside of the music itself, Penny is a pleasure to work with, a trait that many artists today are missing.  Catch a show when you can, and look for big things from this true Texas treasure.

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