It was so difficult to pick only one song from each artist on this website to be included on " Platinum Bound, Volume One".  As you browse around the different artists' pages and listen to their mp3 clips, you'll see what I mean!  We chose the songs we did in an effort to introduce you to these incredibly talented people.  We didn't          necessarily choose what we felt each person's "best song" was, because there are just too many that touched us in different ways.
Another neat thing about this compilation CD is the variety of "Texas music".  Texas music can't be defined as one particular sound.  It's folk, it's country, it's blues, it's rock 'n roll, it's rockabilly, it's bluegrass.  And so many have tried to define it to one sentence, in an attempt to find the connecting link between these different musical genres.  We say - "Don't worry about it!"  The link you'll find on this CD and this website is that of home-town pride.  These artists were either Texas-born, Texas-raised, or tour Texas extensively, and we feel that similarity shines through on each song.  You'll play it over and over and over again, never tiring of the cornucopia of incredible Texas music.
So give it a whirl - you can only get it here on the website.

Platinum Bound
Volume One Artists

Grady Lee
Hayes Carll

Diane Craig

Lucky Boyd

Wrecks Bell

Jo Ann Guest

Hobson Smith

Hoss Mayfield

Aubrey Teeter

Christy Claxton

Melissa Adams

Joanna Gipson

Joel Alan Lehman

Danny Cowan Group

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