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Our shipping policy

When we receive notice of an order, we attempt to ship it the same day.  We cannot ship on Sunday or on certain holidays.  Our CDs are shipped via United States Postal Service, either 1st Class US Mail or Priority Mail depending on how many CDs are ordered.  We never use Media Mail.  All orders in December are shipped 1st Class unless otherwise specified.  Customers may select Priority Mail or Overnight (if available) by calling 1-866-49-TEXAS.  We use USPS to get your order to you because they still are the most cost effective method of shipping.  Orders are received in 1-3 days in almost all cases, but out-of-state orders may take a little longer.  Most international orders arrive in about one week.  Between mid-November and late-December, everything takes longer to arrive, so shop early.

Our shipping rates:
Our rates are better than those found on many other websites.  After our eighth year in business, we raised our rates by 14 cents.  That was in 2008.  Then, in 2013, we had to raise rates to keep up with prices of shipping.

Our prices for merchandise:

Our prices for music products are the lowest on the Internet.  We hope
you enjoy your shopping experience.  Let us know how we can improve.

CANADA issues have been fixed, unless you use PayPal.  Then we will issue you a refund for any overpayment of shipping caused by the system thinking we're shipping overseas.

Domestic Shipping Rates
(Based on weight in pounds)
Flashers and small products are listed at 0.01 to 0.09
CDs weigh 0.37
CANADA, ALASKA, HAWAII add a dollar to these rates.
  At least Not more than Rate Charged
  0.00 0.00 $0.00
  0.01 0.01 $1.00
  0.02 0.02 $2.00
  0.03 0.09 $2.50
One CD 0.10 0.37 $3.79
Two CDs 0.38 0.74 $4.99
Three CDs 0.75 1.11 $6.19
You get the idea. 1.12 1.48 $7.39
  1.49 1.85 $8.59
  1.86 2.22 $9.79
  2.23 2.60 10.99
  2.61 4.00 $12.19
  4.01 8.00 $13.39
  8.01 and up Free
International Shipping Rates
(We use Global Priority where possible)
  Low Value High Value Rate Charged
  0.00 0.00 $0.00
  0.01 0.37 $8.79
  0.38 0.74 $12.21
  0.75 1.11 $14.21
  1.12 1.49 $15.99
  1.50 1.87 $17.99
  1.88 2.25 $19.99
  2.26 2.50 $21.99
  2.51 5.00 $24.99
  5.01 10.00 $34.99
  10.01 20.00 $49.99
  20.01 and up Free

Our return policy

Recorded music is typically not a returnable item once the package has been opened.  This is an industry standard.  However, we feel that most people who buy from us are not in the habit of buying a CD, making a copy of it, then returning it.  This is why most retailers won't take them back.  Our belief is that our customers should be happy with their purchase.  Therefore, it is our policy that if a customer is not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, we will refund the purchase price including shipping, or exchange the item to the customer's satisfaction.