Our Privacy Statement

This statement was written by the staff here at mytexasmusic.com.  We didn't pay some fancy lawyer a whole bunch of money to write something vague that you probably wouldn't understand anyway.  We just wrote what was important for you to know about us.  With that in mind, here goes.  We would love your feedback or comments.

In the course of doing business with us, you will be asked to provide us with certain information.  When you give us that information, we want you to know what we do with it.

We have two online retailers; GoEmerchant and PayPal.  While each of them is a major pain in their own way, they do provide excellent service to our customers, and they each have their own privacy statements.  Each of them have very good policies about safeguarding your information.  As for us, we're even tougher on keeping your information safe, because we are consumers, just like you.

If you provide us with your email address through the "Mailing List" link, here's who we give your email address to: NOBODY.  We use it to email you information about the site.  Our member artists can't capture your email address because we double-blind copy all our emails.  If you ever get an email from us that's not blind copied, let us know and we'll correct the problem.

If you make a purchase from us, you'll have to provide your credit card info.  Once it's used for that purchase, it is NOT stored with us, so you'll have to enter it again for your next purchase.  We don't want to know your credit card number because... well... it's YOUR credit card! Duh.

When you purchase a product from one of our Member Artists, we will capture your Name and Email address and forward it to the artist whose merchandise you bought.  Mailing lists are important to artists.  That's why we do this.  If you don't want us to do this, tell us so in the "Send message to artist" section of your shopping cart.

Look, we only make money when you buy stuff from us.  Your information is important, and we aren't going to sell it or give it to anyone so they can try to sell you stuff themselves.  We want you to buy all your stuff from us.  Again, Duh.  That's why we would never risk angering you, our valued customer, by giving away your information.

We will, however, offer you this heads-up.  Anywhere you see a link on a member's site (other than our site) that says "Listen Before You Buy," you might be going to another mp3 site.  If so, they will capture your email address before letting you listen to the music.  They are famous for sending you tons of email after you use their site.  How do you combat this?  Try this...

1.  Go to www.gmail.com and set up a free email address.
2.  Use that address anytime you're unsure of the people you're giving it to, like mp3 sites other than ours.

This way, you'll be able to monitor the amount of spam you get from them.

We value your business.  If there's anything we can do to make the site better or to help you with safeguarding your information, please email us at mytexasmusic@aol.com.

Now, you can click the BACK button on your browser or click the logo in the upper left corner of this page and go back to shopping!

Thank you,
mytexasmusic.com staff
Jinelle and Lucky Boyd, yeah, that's us.