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Preston Camp, Jr.
©2009 Red Note Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Sometimes a Texan can be such by birth or residence, but there are times when one can be Texan by philosophy.  Even the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. states in its mission statement that it, “…promotes worldwide recognition and perpetuation of Texas Music and the musicians of the State of Texas, whether they are Texans by birth, residence, or philosophy.”  Well, there you have it.  That’s all you need to welcome Preston Camp, Jr. as an honorary Texan.  His first three albums, ANYWHERE, TEXAS; TIMETRAVELER; GOIN’ TO TEXAS, were just laying the foundation for his 2009 release, COWGIRLS R’ COOL.  The overseas DJs have given Camp a phenomenal amount of airplay and have written great things about him.  Some have compared him to superstars whose names you would know.  In the category of ‘let the music speak for itself,’ Camp is a prolific songwriter.  His performances contain enough attitude to easily convince you each cut was penned while basking in Texas sun.  Camp opens with a drinking song which endears him to Texans immediately, but he continues with songs about cowgirls, whiskey, armadillos, and, well… whiskey.  How much more Texan can you get?  Camp’s approach to his performances is simplistic and concise as he showcases the lyrics with his warm and comfortable voice.  You might have to use your imagination to see Georgia as a geographical part of deep East Texas, but somewhere on the fringe of Atlanta is a little piece of Texas dirt where Preston Camp, Jr. calls home.  Whether you are a fan of Texas music or a musician who makes it, you should listen to this album if for no other reason than to hear a slightly different edge to the music that helps define the uniqueness of Texas.  All the elements of fine Texas music are in place, but there’s an interesting lean to the arrangements and instrumentation that will intrigue you and leave you wanting more.  It won’t take long for fans to bandwagon this modest new Texan when home ground radio gives it a few weeks of deserved spins. Welcome home, Preston.

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