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Preston Camp, Jr.
©2011 Red Note Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


I find myself in an awkward position with this review.  I have never reviewed an album that was, in part, about me.  Well, JULY 9Th IN LINDEN, TEXAS is Preston Camp, Jr’s latest, and the title cut is a song referencing his receiving the Gone To Texas Award from the Texas Music Awards in 2011.  Yes, the awards show was on July 9th.  In the song, Preston mentions me, the lovely and talented Jinelle, MyTexasMusic, the Academy of Texas Music, Radio Free Texas, and we are all honored and in awe that we are now immortalized in song.  Okay, that’s out of the way and I don’t feel so awkward anymore.  As for the rest of the album, Preston Camp, Jr. lives up to his Gone To Texas Award by delivering a sincere brand of Texas music.  Camp includes the emotional cut “Silver Angel” as one of the album’s few tracks that doesn’t have some connection with a Texan’s occasional bending of the elbow.  Some use the drink to bury the sorrow, but you’ll find more instances of an uplifting use in songs like “Back To The Barroom” and “Drinkin’ Margaritas.”  Very much a country album, it can, however, draw support from a few Parrotheads due to Camp’s island-living subject matter.  The project goes off in a little different direction for Preston, and that’s okay.  He has settled well into some new flavor.  The companion videos are also a real treasure.  More entertainment from Georgia’s favorite Texan.

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