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Preston Camp, Jr.
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

The opening cut is a tribute to a famed BBQ joint in Austin.  “Feedin’ The World” tells the story of how this establishment is out to do some good with great food.  If this were the only song on the disc, you would still get a bargain.  Camp pays homage with a tune that will most likely live on as an anthem for Stubb’s BBQ.  The title cut is up next and solidifies Camp as a true Texas troubadour.  Preston Camp, Jr., a Texan by philosophy, offers his fifth release with fifteen tracks that are a blend of traditional sounds and modern thinking.  Camp pens the lot and stays on genre, which is one of the things that will make this album a success.  Camp is a country artist, but has learned the art of leaning toward other styles without crossing over.  Many topics are covered on the project and each one is arranged masterfully to accent the poignant lyrics.  “Hallowed Ground” is a tender gospel-esque track with a sincere and solemn message.  A man after my own heart, Camp offers a tune called “Lucky” which starts off with the subject sitting on a bar stool.  Yeah, Preston!  It’s not the commercial gem of the album, but it’s cute, if it’s okay to call a country song cute.  The rest of the first nine cuts of the album are new music from Camp, each with a great story and a smooth, comfortable performance.  The rest of the disc is a ‘greatest hits’ collection of tunes from Camp’s previous projects.  You get the best of all possible situations here; Camp’s new songs with reprisals by some of his old favorites.  Make this Texas-minded crooner welcome by getting your copy today.

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