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Randy Frisch
©2007 Independently Released
Review by Jinelle Boyd

Randy Frisch has been writing songs for over 30 years, so the release of “LIVING AIN’T EASY” has special meaning to the Houston native. He says the making of his solo debut has been “…an incredible journey, over 3 years in the making; from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys, utter frustration to heavenly bliss; if it could go wrong, it did. At times it seemed like we were dead in the water. But when things were on and went right, it was phenomenal. I never dreamed I would be part of such a fine recording. I’m extremely proud of what we have accomplished, and very fortunate to have worked with musicians of such celebrity. These songs have a story to tell and they brought out the best in those who played them.” The contributing musicians Randy speaks of are none other than Saylor White, Kenyon White and Chris Collins (who also produced and mixed this CD in their A Songwriters Studio) and Mark Beets, David Brake, Jeff Duncan, and Jack Saunders, all of whom are proud MTM members. The listener is treated to a baker’s dozen of original songs, each full of clever songwriting and enjoyable melodies. Randy took his time and did it right. The CD is one of those you can pop in the player and let it run over and over…it’s that relaxing and entertaining! Frisch has a unique voice, complete with its rough edges and soft nuances – perfect for the myriad of influences present on this project. Do yourself a favor and pick up “LIVING AIN’T EASY”. You’ll become the newest Randy Frisch fan!