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Randy Frisch
2010 Independently Released
Review by Lucky Boyd

Randy Frisch was nice enough to offer some free downloads as a lead-up to this project.  That's just the kind of nice guy he is.  Connecting with his fans is very important to him.  Now the full album is here.  The disc, LOVE IS, takes a large step in a great direction as Frisch offers eleven tracks of his quintessential singer-songwriter material.  There are stories of all types here dealing with varied subjects as Frisch delivers each in his inimitable Dylan-esque style.  New with this album are fully orchestrated tracks performed by Randy on this self-produced offering.  It's not a pop polished record but a raw passionate release upon which Frisch has imprinted his unique brand.  The attitude with which Frisch approaches songs is all out and evident.  Randy has a distinct voice, which is easily recognizable once you get to know the music.  Time and other factors may tighten up future endeavors, but Frisch could best serve his next recording by returning to the expertise of one of Houston's fine record producers.  It would make it a more stress-free situation for Frisch and I think he would like the outcome.  Now, you should know that I have an office cat that roams around while I'm listening to CDs and writing reviews, etc.  While this disc was playing, the cat decided to take up residence right in the middle of my desk and remained there until the disc was over.  She's never done that before.  She and I both noticed that there are parts of this disc that are just plain good and parts that make it evident that Frisch has the talent for making a hit record.  The writing is solid, and I hope he sells a ton of this disc so he can afford to fill the studio with the personnel who can help him make the album of his lifetime.  This one is his best yet, and his fans will enjoy having something to hold them over between gigs, but with the right producer and pickers, I truly think Frisch could release a radio bonanza of an album.  I would be happy to help him assemble a list of MTM members who would jump at the chance to work with this talented songwriter. 

This part was actually typed by my cat: