Richard J. Dobson
1942 - 2017

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(2014) CD
Gulf Coast Tales


Song Clips for
Gulf Coast Tales
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Eastern Steamship Line Listen
All Of This Was Mine Listen
Biloxi Listen
Down On The Trinity River Listen
Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight Listen
Corpus Christi Harbor Listen
Dirty Old Town Listen
Sailor's Dream Listen
Rocking To The Rhythm Of The World Listen
Sailing Listen
(2013) CD (Import)
Here In The Garden


Song Clips for
Here In The Garden
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Here In The Garden Listen
Black Crow Listen
The Stage At Leipers Fork Listen
The Moon Is For Lovers Listen
It's About Time Listen
Tequila And Chamomile Tea Listen
Brave New World Out There Listen
Tractor Supply Listen
I Hear Singing Listen
One To Run The River With Listen
Bonus: GTT-Gone To Texas Listen
Pleasures Of The
High Rhine
(A Texas Singer
In Exile)

"In 1999 I moved to Switzerland. My new book, Pleasures of the High Rhine, a Texas Singer in Exile is a travel memoir, an expatriate account of making a new home in the Old World. A story of intercultural love, life on the road with a band of German rockers, the trials of acquiring a license to fish in Switzerland, train rides and bike trails, this story covers the coming of the millennium, 9/11, and its aftermath."   - Richard Dobson

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(2009) CD
From A Distant


Song Clips for
From A Distant Shore
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'Long Haul Hard Traveling Man Listen
The Old Wild Country Listen
Windows Of The Soul Listen
A Little Behind My Shoes Listen
It's Been This Way Forever Listen
Winners Listen
Let Tomorrow Come Listen
Let's Talk Trash Listen
That Was Then And This Is Now Listen
The Old Rhythm Rebel Listen
From A Distant Shore Listen

Back At The
Red Shack
(2007) CD

Song Clips for
Back At The Red Shack
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'63 Mercury Listen
Aunt Betty's Lament Listen
Aye Chihuahua Listen
Baby Ride Easy Listen
Suited Me Listen
Living And Dying For Love Listen
There Ought To Be A Law Listen
Never Say Never Listen
Close Calls Listen
Over All Over Again Listen
Salty Kisses Listen
Hard By The Highway Listen
Walking My Blues Away Listen
Hard Working Talking Blues Listen
On Thistledown Wind
(2006) CD

Song Clips for
On Thistledown Wind

Come On Baby, Let's Dance Listen
The Ballad Of Harpoon Barry Listen
She Was Just A Little Crazy Listen
On Thistledown Wind Listen
The Infidel Listen
Red Headed Woman Listen
Queen Of My Heart Listen
Scissortail Bird Listen
Down Along The Reeperbahn Listen
Month Of Mondays (A Song For The Muse) Listen
Slave To The Restless Wind Listen
New Morning Song (Om Mani Padme Hung) Listen
Back Tracks
(2004) CD

Song Clips for
Back Tracks

SAVE THE WORLD (1984 release):
Roughneck Occupation Listen
Loving Yolanda Listen
I Love You Listen
Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith Listen
Song For Richard Mock Listen
Turn In The Barrel Listen
But For Mama Listen
Sailing Listen
Between Husbands And Wives Listen
Save The World Listen
TRUE WEST (1986 release):
Always One More River Listen
Forever, For Always, For Certain Listen
So Have I Listen
Lay It Down And Walk Away Listen
Bless Your Heart Listen
Too Young To Die Old Listen
You Ain't Gonna Do It To Me Listen
She Almost Reminds Me Of You Listen
Where Do The Dreams Go? Listen
Master Of Love Listen
Have You Hugged Your Kid Today? Listen
  A River Will Do
(2003) CD

Song Clips for
A River Will Do

A River Will Do Listen
Nothing Holy in The Holy Land Listen
Houston Town Listen
Down On The Trinity River Listen
The Hills Of Kosovo Listen
A River Runs Through it Listen
Tengo Que Volar Listen
Million To One Listen
Homemade Kites Listen
Kathleen Listen
At The End Of The Day Listen
Texas Is One Song Away Listen
(2002) CD

Song Clips for

Woody Knows Nothing Listen
Small Town Hero Listen
Forever, For Always, For Certain Listen
The Boll Weevil Song Listen
I Ain't Got No Home Listen
Uncertain Texas Listen
No Blue Song Listen
Woody Went Down In The Deep Fold Listen
Jesus Take Me Fishing Listen
Pastures Of Plenty Listen
Across The Wide Missouri Listen
So Have I Listen
May You Glide Like A River / The Birthday Song Listen
  Hum Of The Wheels
(2001) CD

Song Clips for
Hum Of The Wheels

Hum Of The Wheels Listen
Trying To Keep My Feet On The Ground Listen
Magic And Danger Listen
The Fairest Outlaw Listen
I Give Myself Away Listen
Whoa Back Listen
It's The Women Who Choose Listen
Who Killed Jack Rabbit Listen
Coyote Waltz Listen
Ain't It Like A Circle Listen
Sant' Anna Listen
Next Year Better Listen
  Global Village Garage
(1999) CD

Song Clips for
Global Village Garage

Just To Hold You Through The Night Listen
Rocking To The Rhythm Of The World Listen
Gator Bait Listen
Going To The Roundhouse Listen
Sweet Spot Listen
A Place Called Idaho Listen
Back To The Island Listen
Lonesome Riding Shotgun Listen
Ruester's Song Listen
The Long Liner Listen
Ballad Of Chipita And Karla Faye Listen
String Along With You Listen
Long Gone Love Song Listen
Blues With No Reason Listen
They Call It Music City Listen
The Gulf Coast Boys
(1998) Greater Texas Publishing Company

"In 1998, Dobson published The Gulf Coast Boys,
a chronicle of the life and hard times of the
Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys (Townes Van
Zandt, Rex Bell and Mickey White, along with
their psycho drinking buddy Johnny Guess, who
 is portrayed in the book as "JJ Wanker").
An existential dharma bum's look at the birth
(and afterbirth) of what we now refer to as
Texas music, the book received serious
critical acclaim."
 - William Michael Smith

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