Richard Paul Thomas

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(2016) CD

Song Clips
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Why, Oh Why Listen
Riding On A Train Listen
The Last Goodbye Listen
I Can't Wait Listen
Violeta Listen
Wishing Love Could Be That Way Listen
Salado Listen
Retirement Blues Listen
Denial Listen
Look At My Hands Listen
Wings Of My Heart
(2012) CD

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Love's Haunting Me Listen
Wings Of My Heart Listen
Every Day's A Present Listen
I Have Faith Listen
No Excuse Listen
The Place Where No Love Lies Listen
Love Is All There Is Listen
My Favorite Thing Of All Listen
Pot Of Gold Listen
Raging Storm Listen
Damaged Man Listen
Pray To Save Our World Listen
Captured Rainbow
(2011) CD

Song Clips
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Act One - THE SEARCH  
I'm Learning To Flow (Captured Rainbow) Listen
The Coal & The Flame Listen
I Had Friends Listen
Dreamer Listen
Time Never Gives Me No Time Listen
Dearly Beloved Listen
Solitaire Listen
Gorgeous Moon Listen
I'm Your Man Listen
If You Want Me Just Let Me Know Listen
Timothy Listen
Salado Listen
Mother's Love Listen
I Believe In You Listen
Everything's A Song For Me /
I'm Learning To Flow (reprise)
A brief synopsis about the above listed project, CAPTURED RAINBOW...

Character: RpT
An outwardly successful businessman in his early sixties. He is the head of his own International Consulting Firm specializing in Business Management Software Solutions. A frustrated composer, and sometimes performer who, after all these years, still dreams of being able to make his living with his music.

The Play: Captured Rainbow
The play takes place in a hotel room, somewhere in the U.S. the songs on this CD are all from a one-person musical entitled "Captured Rainbow". They are written about the people I met, my life experiences, loves won and lost, and my own sense of being. I hope they speak to you as they have to me.

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my Town:    Salado, Texas
my Genre:      Folk     
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