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Robby White
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

For all who have openly admitted they love traditional country music as well as the newer sounds, and for those who don’t mind saying they have both Johnny Cash and Wade Bowen in their collection, Robby White has your next purchase.  With a foundation of solid country sound, White blends traditional feel and instrumentation with a large dose of country nouveau.  Robby pens seven of the eleven tracks, co-writing another, and delivering a solid performance on every cut.  White’s voice is Texan and clear, with just enough twang to turn the corners of your mouth upward in an approving smile while listening.  There are serious offerings on the disc, but mostly the album takes a mildly humorous view at typical country music topics.  She doesn’t just treat you bad on track one, she’s actually “Evil” and “I Hate Love Songs” is most likely the result of knowing her.  Most of the songs are lyrically driven and you’ll be glad you listened carefully as the stories are entertaining in a big way.  “Lone Star State Of Mind” (an over-used title, if you ask me) and “Pretty Little City Girl” are less about the story; instead, delivering a feel-good cut suited well for dance floors and loud car radios.  A favorite cut is “I Am The Highway,” penned by Chris Cornell and expertly delivered by White.  At 4:41 in length, radio might not like it much right now, but if they will give it a shot, it should play well.  Also, I couldn’t help but hear Don Henley singing this tune as I believe it would make a perfect Eagles offering.  Next time I see Don, I’ll give it a soft pitch.  “Chicken Tree Road” is getting a lot of attention right out of the gate, and it’s a good track, but it’s probably second or third on my list of best radio releases.  With that being said, it’s easy to see how deep this album can go.  There are a number of potential releases.  Jocks are advised to listen all the way through before playing, as some of the lyrics might be a little strong for family audiences.  I didn’t hear anything worthy of a parental warning, but you know how the FCC and program directors can be.  I think you’re going to hear a lot about Robby White in the future.  He is supporting the album with performance dates, and radio seems to like him.  I’ve always said it takes 100 things aligning perfectly to make a superstar.  Most artists can hope to get 60 of them at once and it’s rare to see an artist in the 90’s, but White is up around 93 or 94 in my view and if he can hold out for the sheer luck required to align the rest, he will enjoy some national fame.  Already, he has the good sense to write great songs and find other writers who do the same.  This disc is a Texas country lover’s dream in that it plays well in the player, whether you’re actively listening or not.  Great background music is tough to find when you’re trying to build the soundtrack to your everyday life, so listen to this album, fall in love with your favorite tunes, then press the repeat button and let it play.