Russell Clepper

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Some Place Like Heaven
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Song Clips

Streets Of Quebec Listen
La Valse a Gaetan Listen
Southwest Freeway Listen
Grin And Bear Listen
Wee Willie's Waltz Listen
Labor Cafe Listen
Augustino Tells Listen
(Blondie's) Honeymoon Blues Listen
Some Place Like Heaven Listen
Teenage Porno Sex Machine Listen
Vainglory Listen
Stranded At The Strand Listen
Lost On The Ocean Listen
Shoreline Listen
Keep Me In Your Prayers Listen
Son Of A Farmer
(indie release)
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Song Clips

Dison's Hill Listen
On Down The Line Listen
My Prairie Mind Listen
Son Of A Farmer Listen
(Let That) Texas Sun Shine Listen
Corpus Christi Moon Listen
A Winter Night's Prayer Listen
Texas September (Zack's Song) Listen
Rio Frio Waltz Listen
Uncle Bus & Dora Lee Listen
Sail On Dr. John Listen
Trebelmakers - Michael Phelan and Russell Clepper
Song List
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my Hometown:   San Antonio, Texas
my Genres:   Folk    Americana
my Previous Reviews:     9     Read Em!  
my Fans will also like:  Smokey Wilson   Marvin Lane Werth   Theodore Henning   Lucky Boyd   Hayes Carll

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