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Sammy Fox
And The Intervention

©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much trouble writing about just five songs.  Sammy Fox’s EP is such a treasure that I don’t want to leave anything out, but I do want to eventually get to the point.  I’m not sure where the point is going to end up, but I’ve listened to these five songs about eight times each and there’s something I can’t put my finger on.  Sammy Fox is an outstanding musician who has performed quite a few styles over the years, but now he has taken a drive down a Texas music road with this EP.  Gearing up for a full studio release, this project is a teaser in the utmost, giving fans an amazing glimpse of what’s in store.  As Fox travels this journey to which he has long aspired, he embraces the country music that has always tugged at his heart but doesn’t shed his rock roots.  That actually becomes an advantage as those roots serve him well throughout this project.  With his John Mayer-ish opening and ascent on “Slow N Genuine,” Fox quickly reverts to his high energy passion in a manner that suits his vocal and musical skills.  Fox’s vocal work is stellar on the project and I didn’t hear so much as a hint of auto-tune being used.  Sammy Fox is best when surrounded by outstanding musicians who push him to the outer limits.  A little research will find footage of a previous project which finds Fox working live with choreographed musicianship which results in all four band mates performing shoulder to shoulder and it seems each one is playing more than one instrument at a time.  Search it out when you feel the need to be amazed.  Should you simply want to be amazed in your headphones, you need look no further than THE INTERVENTION EP.  Fox is the drummer on all tracks; and the rhythm guitarist; oh, and the lead vocalist; and yes, the keyboardist.  Gee, does he play bass guitar, too?  Yep.  Of course, Fox then surrounds himself with Warren Hood, Angela Mahler, Brian Kelly, Matthew Harper, Jordan Slentz, and others who round out the most adept collection of pickers assembled for an EP project since…well, maybe ever.  The temptation to go on a rock ‘binge’ is just too great and thus Fox offers up “Take It” which is pretty far from country music [this year; who knows about next year] but I assure you this is going to be a big hit at his live shows.  “Don’t Cry” takes you on a fantastic journey through Fox’s talents, one of which is writing and performing on the level of the likes of Henry Paul. [Outlaws, Blackhawk] As I attempt to use mere words to familiarize you with Sammy Fox, I’ve discovered it’s just not possible to entice you any more emphatically on the page than you will become once you’ve given this disc a listen.  Frankly speaking, Sammy Fox is going to be a big star whether you buy this disc or not.  However, there’s no reason for you to deny yourself an early start on an ecstatic music experience.  I know everyone here in the office is now a huge Sammy Fox fan.  A voice worthy of recognition; musicianship worthy of note; songwriting worthy of study; these attributes top the list, but you can add nice guy to the list as well.  Don’t forget us, Sammy, when you hit the big time.  Remember, we all were here at the intervention.  One of the best recordings of 2011; hands down.

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