Scott Hill Bumgardner

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The Funky Bunkie Gators - 
Fun Louisiana Tales

(2005) CD

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Song Clips

Transplanted To Louisiana Listen
Bunkie Friends Listen
Funky Bunkie Gator Fest Listen
Snappy Listen
Fetch Listen
Snappy Competes Listen
Snappy's Political Season Listen
Snappy Goes Home Listen
Snappy's Poem Listen
  Texas Legacies - 
Texas & Cowboy Poetry

(2001) CD

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Song Clips

Welcome, Kerr's "Alamo" Listen
Diablos Tejanos Listen
Kerr's "Yankee Doodle" Listen
Houston's Courage Listen
The Cowboy Era Listen
Wobbly Leg Listen
Shotgun Listen
Joe Mumme Listen
Jingle Bob Listen
Twinkle Listen
Demo Listen
Wheeler Dealer Listen
Lady In Black Listen
Time To Thaw Listen
Joe Hill's - "Sunset" Listen
Just Look Around Listen
Spurs On The Wall Listen

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