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Scotty Thurman
©2001 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


There are countless groups of four guys who get together and try to make a go of it as a Texas country band.  Almost all of them end up doing nothing with it.  Frankly, most of them are missing some key ingredients to the recipe of success.  After listening to Scotty Thurman, it’s easy to hear that the ingredients are all present.  Thurman is the primary writer, but co-writes two with drummer Matt Beaver, another with Brad Ritchey, and covers one by Gary Simpson.  These four guys have good songs to choose from, but the recipe doesn’t end there.  Thurman’s voice is as Texan as they come and he has great command of his expansive range.  The harmony vocal work on the album is reminiscent of great bands like Blackhawk and Little Texas.  This is a major part of the recipe because they create a sound that sets them apart from other four-guy groups.  Shawn Scheller is masterful on lead guitar, using tasteful dynamics to enhance each track rather than trying to be the next ‘more-me-in-the-mix’ hacker.  Beaver is a drummer that actually is a valued instrument in the band.  Jason Eldred keeps time with the bass like a pro.  I thought I heard a fiddle in there, but didn’t see a credit listed.  The production and solo blending between the fiddle and guitar are outstanding on “Directions,” one of the Thurman compositions.  The production of the rest of the album is equally as innovative and adept.  Thurman has assembled a fabulous list of players for this project and, along with the flawless performances, has released a disc that will serve as a solid foundation for the career he’s building.  Scotty Thurman will learn much between now and his next release, and that should be scary to all those other four-guy groups trying to claw their way to the top… they won’t have a chance against Thurman and the aptly named Perfect Trouble Band.

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