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Season Ammons
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Season Ammons raises the bar for debut EP releases.  Expertly performed and masterfully produced by Ammons and Stormy Cooper (who also appears on bass guitar), the initial offering has an outstanding list of attributes.  Ammons pens the half dozen with one being a co-write with fellow Academy and MTM member Connie Mims.  Don’t touch that player too quickly after track six, as there is a hidden offering featuring Ammons on all instruments.  The opening cut is the title and Ammons sets the tone of the album as she creates her own genre, blending folk, alternative, and jazz moods into one of the most comfortable listens of the year.  Season’s voice is enticing and sultry, evoking emotion and listener involvement with every measure.  Your toes will tap and you will catch yourself swaying with the music, a phenomenon that tends to repeat itself throughout the disc.  Ammons writes about life and easily takes simple concepts and turns them into feel good stories that are quite relatable.  The range, diversity, and scope of Ammons’ voice is displayed well on each track, and it won’t take long for you to realize she has a unique quality that makes her an easily recognizable vocalist.  This is a quality not often achieved these days.  Perhaps the outstanding track of the disc is “Simple Love” which takes a familiar look at… well… the simplicity we all seek in a relationship.  “Halo” is probably the tune that showcases Ammons’ full talent in the biggest way.  At less than three minutes, it will be received well by radio, and thus, you should start requesting it right away.  Lyndon Hughes does a fine job of capturing Season’s dynamic musical quality in the studio.  While only a handful of tracks, this disc becomes one of those albums you just leave in the player for days.  You’ll come away from this project feeling impatient about waiting for Ammons’ next release.  Chances are you can catch Season Ammons at an acoustic show that really showcases her adept songwriting and award-worthy vocal talent.  Until then, you’ll just have to play this disc over and over… and that’s a good thing.   

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