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©2007 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Produced by 2006 TMA Producer of the Year, John M. Greenberg, “WATER OVER STONES” is nothing short of a folk music masterpiece.  Greenberg captures Annie Acton and Shan Kowert (ShAnnie) at their best.  MTM member Greenberg also appears on the album with guitar and vocals.  Acton’s voice is crisp and soothing, true and inviting while Kowert’s vocals are silky and warm throughout the album.  Each cut is lyric driven and well-written.  The opening cut sets the tone for the project and there are no disappointments.  ShAnnie leans toward jazz and then back toward bluegrass leaving no room for doubt that deep folk roots can be diverse and entertaining.  An exciting surprise on the disc is the lone Mexican ballad, “Tu Solo Tu” in which ShAnnie shows their true reaches and talent.  Stellar harmonies are present throughout and the sharing of lead vocal work makes this a project that will produce favorites.  “Harmonica Blues” is not all that traditional in the ‘blues’ sense, but it has a great story.  In the line-up of talented male-female duets, you’ll find ShAnnie.  Grab the debut album now!

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