Shelly Knight

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Shelly Knight and
the Livin' Dead II
(2007) CD

Song Clips
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Promises Listen
Down In The Grass Listen
About Her Listen
Little Things Listen
Heaven's Fall Listen
Slip Away Listen
Whiskey Listen
Effortlessly Listen
Shelly Knight and
the Livin' Dead
(2005) CD
$ 5.99

Song Clips
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The Way You Move Listen
Give Me Wings Listen
Love Like A Wheel Listen
Radio Listen
Runaway Mama Listen
15 Years Listen
Lyin' Lady Listen
Cool Daddy Listen
To Love You Listen
Blues Until The Morning Listen
Wrapped Up Listen
An earlier project from Shelly (and Eric Leikam)
Eric & Shelly -
(2001) CD
$ 6.99

Song Clips
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Down South Listen
Evangeline Listen
Riverchild Listen
Soulride Listen
Closer To God Listen
Double Rainbow Listen
The One You Need Listen
Creamy Center Listen
Hippy Crossing - Instrumental Listen
Number 62 Listen
Christmas Time Listen
My Three Goats Listen

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