Shoulder To The Stone

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Shoulder To
The Stone
(2010) CD

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Song Clips
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Shoulder To The Stone - Saylor White &
Jack Saunders
Maureen - Mark Beets Listen
Warm November - Matt Harlan Listen
Anywhere My Heart Goes - Connie Mims Listen
Catfish Moon - Ken Gaines Listen
Reconstruction Rag - Tom Tranchilla Listen
Heaven's Not The Great Beyond - Smythe & Taylor Listen
Every Little Thing - The Renfrees


The Toast - Bill Ward Listen
The Road - Carolyn Wallace Listen
Joined At The Heart - The Hanshaws Listen
Daydream - Danny Everitt Listen
Moving Target - Brian J. Kalinec Listen
Wandering Troubadour - Leslie Krafka Listen
Money Thinks I'm Dead - Willie B. Listen
All Children Here - Selia Qynn Listen
Stay - Chris Collins Listen
Rain - Chelsea Miller Listen
Hard Times - Bud Bierhaus Listen


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