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Spencer Williams
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


You will know Spencer Williams.  You will know him by his music or by his moniker, Cowboy Spencer.  Either way, you will know him by his debut release, RUN IN YOUR DREAMS, produced by Lloyd Maines.  The album is a collection of Williams’ life experiences put to song in a way that endears you to him and his particular style of writing.  Williams pens the entire lot of this eleven-track release that spans from country to an alternative feel and on to a couple of pop-folk tunes.  Maines puts the country feel on the album with his instrumentation.  Just as easily, Williams could have gone a different way and this would have sounded a lot like a Dana Cooper album.  This shows the diversity in Williams’ writing, and his delivery is equally chameleon-like, letting him slide easily between styles while maintaining his vocal tone and quality.  Williams’ voice is warm and inviting and this album will stand forever as his musical schoolroom.  He learned much putting this project together that will serve him well throughout his career.  Some of the songs allow you to hear Williams deliver with little effort as he puts his focus on phrasing the lyric perfectly, no doubt adjusting somewhat to Maines’ orchestrations.  On other tunes, where Williams is completely comfortable, he bears down on the song, delivering with passion and intent, making his voice the primary instrument, allowing you to hear the emotion of the composition.  There are some feel-good tunes on the disc and one that has a humorous slant.  A couple of the tunes are certainly written in formula for their commercial value, and Williams will do well with those, particularly “Drink My Time”  and “Back Up,” which are probably the best choices for early single releases from this project.  The rest of the cuts are either artistic features or songs that deliver a heartfelt message from some experience that had a profound effect on Williams.  As debut offerings go, Williams can be proud of this one.  It has all the elements required to introduce a new artist on the Texas music scene.  Ever since Henry Gross enamored us with “Shannon,” we have been touched deeply with songs about the loss of our pets.  Williams gives us “Golden Boy” which will make you cry if you let it.  On this song, and a couple of others, Williams has a James Taylor quality to his voice.  This will also serve Williams well in his career, because there’s no doubt that the most comfortable spot in life is sitting anywhere listening to James Taylor.  With the ability to deliver that type of vocal softness, Williams will do well with his poignant ballads.  Terri Hendrix appears on the album, along with Maines and John Silva.  I can’t think of a better line up for Williams’ first release.  Those of you who follow my reviews know about my 100 things concept.  Williams is well on his way to racking up ‘things’ in search of spinning those 100 plates at one time.  One of the best things you can do for your career is deliver a great debut album.  It gives you a foundation to build on.  Williams has created a broad and solid foundation for himself.  Look for him to succeed in a big way.

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