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Songs For Blaze, A Friend Of Ours

  Poison Man - Mandy Mercier
A Song For Blaze - Elliot Rogers
Blaze's Blue - Townes Van Zandt
Friend Of Mine - Michele Murphy
Foley - Richard Dobson
Love Is A Comet - Mandy Mercier
Walk Me Away - Robin Carty
Sittin In The Right Chair - Sheri Frushay
The Troubadour - George Ensle
Another Song For Blaze - Carlene Jones
For A Rainy Day - Olin Murrell
Making Up For Lost Time - Pat Mears
Blaze Foley - Brain Robbins
End Of The Bottle - Patricia Belen
Straight To The Heart - John Casner
Drunken Angel - Lucinda Williams
Silver Lapels - Justin Hess
Owed To Blaze Foley - Steve Hopkins
Our Father's Face - Kimmie Rhodes
Blaze A Blaze - Jubal Clark


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