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Ken Schaffer's Safety In Numbers - Vol III

  Jeff Roy - Austin Rag
Jon Deichmann - Somewhere In The Middle Of The Night
Turtle Creek - Wish I Would Have Known
Steve Hopkins - July '69 (One Small Step)
Daniel Schaefer and Los Choferes - The First Time
Doug Marshall - What's Behind You
Trees Like These - Stacey's Song
David Allan - Shenandoah Girl
Tim Harden - Bulldog
Dinosaur - Eva's Place
Jeff Roy - Jeslyn's Song (Daddy's Little Girl)
Doug Marshall - I'm Gonna Catch That Train
Daniel Schaefer and Los Choferes - Los Profesionales
Jon Deichmann - Angel Eyes
Turtle Creek - I Don't Mind
David Allan - Tonight In Telluride
Steve Hopkins - Single Life
Dinosaur - You're A Hard One To Love
Trees Like These - Little God
Tim Harden - Thunderbird


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