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More About Steve Hopkins
from Staff reports


Purveyor of eclectic, eccentric, acoustic music, Steve Hopkins’ decidedly unique view of the world has produced some of the most original music on the contemporary folk scene.  His latest CD, Just Another Day in Paradox, is proof--anyone who sings, “When I leave this world of contradiction, I’m gonna leave my body to science…fiction” is most assuredly looking at the world through skewed lenses.

 Steve’s talents as a tunesmith and a singer are matched by his abilities as a live performer.  Alternately sensitive and bawdy, Steve mixes humor, whimsical romanticism and social awareness to give a show that leaves audiences laughing one minute and misty-eyed the next.  His versatile voice can rise and fall like the Texas Hill Country, and his deep baritone can switch from an earth-rumbling growl to a seductive musical whisper in a heartbeat.  New Texas Magazine enthused, “Really entertaining…an excellent guitarist and WAY funny!”  Says Steve, “It’s about connecting with the audience, seeing ourselves in each other’s eyes.  I want to convey that I’m incredibly happy and grateful to be there playing for them, and I want them to be glad they came.”

 Steve honed his chops at such landmark Austin venues as the Alamo Lounge, the Saxon Pub, emmajoe’s, and, alongside his contemporaries Betty Elders and Jimmy LaFave, the legendary Chicago House, where he MC’d a weekly singer-songwriter series from 1994-1995.  For several years he juggled his music career with a day job for the IRS--a vocation not without its ironies and conflicts.  Luckily for Steve and his fans, he’s now a full-time performer.  He jokes, “The only apparent drawback to leaving the IRS is that now I have to buy my own office supplies.”

 Steve is expanding his fanbase throughout the southwestern United States and beyond.  The goal?  “I just want to make a comfortable living doing what I care passionately about, which would put me ahead of about 99.9999% of the people on the planet.  Maybe gain some measure of immortality through my recordings and the memories of my audiences.  And, oh yeah, cure the common cold and make the world safe for anarchy.”

Steve Hopkins is a songwriter’s songwriter, an audience favorite, and one of the most passionate and entertaining yarn-spinners you’ll ever hear.    



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