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Just Another Day
In Paradox
(1999) CD

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Just Another Day In Paradox Listen
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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Listen
Rock 'N' Roll Hell Listen
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You Get What You Settle For Listen
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Peace & Justice Listen
Peter Pan Christmas Listen
Murphy's Law Listen
Lucky Man Listen
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Steve Hopkins, MAYDEWS Music, 1999

I remember Buddy
He was a West Texas flash
All too soon his luck ran out
He died in a fiery crash
He sang songs about love and hopes and dreams
Sang 'em his own way
Deep inside my heart
His memory will not fade away
That's why I'm here
He was a hero to me
That's why I'm here
His music set me free
What he did and what he was
Was what I wanted to be
He died some years before his time
But he lives in you and me
I remember John
He was a rebel from Liverpool
Made the whole world twist and shout
Made the fat cats look like fools
Sang songs about givin' peace a chance
How love is all you need
In the brotherhood of man
There is no room for hate or greed
I remember Harry
He was a friend to you and me
As he drove his taxi he knew
There's a better place to be
World hunger was his enemy
Just like it's yours and mine
And I'd give most anything
To hear him one more time
I remember Stevie Goodman
He was a loyal Cubs fan
Even though it seemed a pennant
Was not in the plan
He wrote the perfect country and western song
Best damned train tune I ever heard
He could paint the prettiest pictures
And all he used was words
Chorus (x2)

Songs For Blaze -
A Friend Of Ours
(Compilation CD)

Safety In Numbers - Volume III
(Compilation CD)


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