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Taylor Pie
©2007 Puff Bunny Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


Now and again, one can feel like a latecomer to the party.  It can be so obvious that something wonderful has been missed.  It might invoke the question, “Where have I been.”  And, while enlightening, it can be almost embarrassing that you didn’t arrive on time.  Take that feeling into listening to an album called SO LITTLE HAS CHANGED.  Realize now that the pickers on the album have been around long enough for you to know who they are.  You’ve probably even heard their work before, but yet, you might not know any of them by name.  Name or not, you will now know them by their music.  Their fearless leader, Taylor Pie, is not a newcomer to this scene.  None of the pickers are up-and-coming, guitar shredding, next-new-thing slingers, either.  No, this bunch has seen some great times in some great places and recorded with some great folks.  But now, here they are, together again, and guess what.. so little has changed.  Veterans for sure, but once you bite into this music, you will realize that Taylor Pie can hold her own vocally with anyone singing today.  She can stand lyrically next to any writer you can name, and these musicians, often with just ad lib noodles, have been able to record one of the most masterfully orchestrated studio pieces around.  I experienced the disc through headphones, which I might suggest, is an awesome way to listen to this record.  The engineering is genius through out, taking simple, tasteful performances and sitting you right in the middle of them.  Each instrumentation, each fill, each solo, is another object, seemingly floating at you as if in an underwater sea of beauty; methodic, enlivening, and perfect in form.  A good number of co-writes and covers are peppered in with Taylor Pie’s offerings, and the list of pickers is certainly known by those who know, but it’s time that music fans get a taste of what’s been behind the curtain for so long.  Introduce yourself to Taylor Pie.  Once you know that so little has changed, you will wish you had arrived at the party much earlier.

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