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Visit A Spell, Pard
Western Music, Poetry, and Stories
(Compilation CD)

  Catclaw Rose And Herbert - Grady Lee
Spurs On The Wall -  Scott Hill Bumgardner
Without Cowboys Where Would We Be? - Pat Gavin & The Buckaroo Band
Plastic Pearl Handled Grips - Ted E. Dennison
Honky Tonks, Nightclubs, Bars, & Dives - Buck Stonebroke
To The Boys At Cutter Bill's Bar - Rod Nichols
Tell A Cowboy - PC Cowboys
Prairie Dog Roundup - Sheila Phillips
Durango To Monterrey - Grady Lee
I'm A Cowhand In My Heart - Miss'lette
Cattle Call (By Tex Owens, Forster Music) - John Pikcul
Stampede Mesa - Doc Moore
Cowboy Jubilee (Traditional) - Pat Gavin & The Buckaroo Band
Wobbly Leg - Scott Hill Bumgardner
Wicker Rocker - Buck Stonebroke
Young Gun - Ted E. Dennison
Mountain Oyster Waltz - PC Cowboys
The Last Cattle Car - Rod Nichols
I'd Like To Be In Texas When They Round Up In The Spring (Traditional) - Miss'lette


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