The Bugle Boy

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Live At The 
Bugle Boy (Vol. 1)

(2006) CD

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Song Clips

Sidehill Gougers - "Everybody Knows" Listen
Shelley King - "Stormin' In The South" Listen
Sloan Wainwright - "Sitting Here In Limbo" Listen
Woody Russell - "We May Never Know" Listen
Amy Speace - "Just To Get By" Listen
Jimi Lee - "Ease Your Mind" Listen
Erika Luckett - "Besame" Listen
Vienna Teng - "Soon Love Soon" Listen
The Bluehouse - "Crying (Like You Are)" Listen
The Hudsons - "Wrong Direction" Listen
*Donnie Blanz & The Acoustics - "Old Stuff" Listen
Carolyn Wonderland - "Misunderstood" Listen
Patrice Pike - "Mystery Girl" Listen
A.J. Croce - "Hung Up On You" Listen
Natalia Zuckerman - "Fool's Gold" Listen
*Dana Cooper - "Great Day In The Mornin'" Listen
Ruthie Foster - "Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air)" Listen
* denotes MTM member artist

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