The Captain Legendary Band
©2006 Independently Released
Review by Lucky Boyd

 “Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.” – Baltasar Gracian  

The Captain Legendary Band lunges forward in Texas music notoriety with their 2006 release “MY SAVING GRACE.”  No title track is found, but yet the moniker is derived from a concept buried within “Moonshiner’s Prayer.”  This fact is a microcosm for the rest of the album.  Cleverly embedded within this feel-good collection of songs is an emergence of painstaking art.  This is Jeff Hager’s debut production.  While we may all agree that great producers like Rob Galbraith or Clay Ryder would have fine-polished it with a Nashville cheesecloth, Hager’s treatment seemed to be more in line with the band’s personality.  Subtle flairs and nuances that go un-noticed to most fans are present throughout the disc and are a testament to Hager’s creativity and artistic ability.  The result is an album that not only captures the band very much as they sound during a live performance, but adds only those refinements to the album which make it interesting and entertaining, leaving behind the unnecessary over-production that haunts many of today’s releases.  When bands head into the studio, they often decide between giving fans something inimitable at a live show or producing a recorded memory of live performances.  This album shows great maturity and generosity to TCLB’s fans by giving them the same type of performances on disc as they do at shows but adding a delightful garnish that helps develop commercial viability.  Musically, TCLB is not the same band they were two years ago.  Aside from a change in drummers, the band has increased in talent and responsiveness to their fans.  Once destined to be little more than the next college band playing frat parties into their 50’s, TCLB has emerged as a Texas music force.  Radio will adore a couple of the cuts from this disc, and with proper promotion, you will hear much from TCLB in years to come.  The band should be proud for a job well done and should brace themselves for the success and rewards they are about to receive.